These tutorials were written to help potential storyworld authors understand how to build a storyworld using SWAT.  There are two versions:  the archive version which resides on this website and is updated periodically, and the evolving live version which is in wiki format and resides at http://storytron.pbwiki.com.  Links in this page and in the menus refer to the live version.

The first group of tutorials walks you through all the steps you need to take to create a complete (albeit tiny), working storyworld. Thereafter, examples are provided on how to use the different Operators to create various effects in your storyworld, with some suggestions of how they might be used. These are not complete Verbs, nor even necessarily complete scripts, but you can test them in SWAT and see how they behave, and they should give you some ideas for how to achieve the effects you want.

Downloading SWAT and joining the Authors' Guild

If you haven't already, please download SWAT.  Unzip the file, click on SwatClientnnnn.jar (nnnn = the current version number), and select the BareBones.stw storyworld.

Choose "File/Save" from the SWAT menu and give the file a new name, "testing."  (This preserves BareBones for your use later on in creating a different storyworld.)   
As you proceed through these tutorials, have SWAT open. Recreate the different examples for yourself. Then see how each snippet operates in Scriptalyzer, by moving the sliders around and seeing what your results are. Feel free to experiment with different trait types and see what happens.

If you get a result you don't expect, or you can't get a script to do what you want it to, post your questions in The Authors' Guild section of our community bulletin board, The StoryBoard, in this topic: Arrrrgh! SWAT!  You'll need to sign up for a user account and request access to the Authors' Guild to post there.  Doing so will give you to access to the tips and tools section set up for authors, as well as to the community of authors who can answer your questions.

You're ready to go to our first tutorial, "Introduction," at the link below. If you have questions, feel free to post them on the StoryBoard.
First tutorial:  Introduction